About this blog - Digital Delight

Digital transformation is our mantra in the work we do on a daily basis. It is also a buzzword that seems to confuse a lot of people. At least, it confuses people who don’t work in our area, talking about friends, family, but even students or young graduates.

When looking for a cool and vibrant first job, they often don’t grasp what a job in digital transformation actually stands for.

This blog is an individual initiative from active members of Deloitte Digital in Belgium, more specifically the Customer Strategy & Applied Design team. It expresses the individual opinion of its authors. Every author participating to this blog aspires to clear the fog around these abstract and mystic buzzwords.

We’ve decided to start writing articles, telling our stories, breaking down our daily activities, showing you what brings us energy…

We hope you learn more about the ins and outs of our job, how cool it is and how lucky we are to contribute changing the world.

Did we spark your curiosity? Good! Go ahead and read through our articles and share your feedback.