About this blog - Digital Delight

Digital transformation is our work. But it’s also a buzzword that seem to confuse a lot of people. At least, it confuses our family and most of our friends who don’t work in our area. It confuses also students and young graduates that look for something cool to apply for, but cannot represent what jobs in digital transformation mean on a daily basis.

So we’ve decided to start writing articles in order to tell our stories, so hopefully digital transformation will become clearer to the people that we like, the people that we work with, and the people that want to work with us or join our team. So they can grasp how cool is our job and how lucky we are to contribute changing the world. We indeed really believe we do contribute to change some facets of the world that surrounds us: the purpose of what we do is to start from issues that many people experience, and solve them based on their feedback. Does it still sound abstract for you?

Probably, so just read our posts, and feel free to share some feedback!