Creating smart tax services for citizens

by | May 4, 2021

The client’s aim was simple but ambitious: creating smart tax services for citizens. More specifically, they wanted to build a brand-new, online platform for citizen tax services. Thanks to our Digital Studio they were able to imagine and then create this smart experience for citizens. Most importantly, they were able to do this in a remarkably short amount of time.

The Project

The platform’s aim is to reduce administrative burden for citizens and companies by automating as many low-value tasks as possible. However, the client wanted to go beyond simply building and delivering a new service: user-friendliness and added value for citizens were at the heart of their ambitions.

First, we designed and ran workshops with the client to fully understand their vision. Then we turned this vision into a concrete strategy. This meant designing and implementing a whole new operating model, on top of delivering the platform itself.

The Digital Studio

When it comes to delivering a new service platform, we provide end-to-end support with our Digital Studio. From brainstorming crazy ideas that will never see the light of day to developing fully clickable prototypes, we are there making sure the end-product meets you and your users’ needs.

This multi-stakeholder approach is key to our success. We firmly believe in the value of complimenting our own expertise with input from the client and the end-users. In the case of creating smart tax services, the end-users were citizens. By building the prototype around their needs, and subsequently testing it with them to make iterative improvements, the client could have full confidence in our solution’s ability to deliver, even before it was actually launched.

Making an impact

What’s more, thanks to our Digital Studio, the client took 70% less time than usual to turn their initial idea and set of user requirements into a working prototype. This not only improved cost-effectiveness, but also made the added value of the solution more tangible for the whole organisation from the start.

We’re firm believers in the innovative methods we use to help our clients succeed. However, belief in the project itself, and the impact it can create, is just as important. By helping create smart tax services for citizens, we improved not only our client’s business, but citizens’ lives more widely.

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