New client space in the metaverse for a luxury watch brand

by | Feb 3, 2023

H. Moser & Cie, a luxury watch manufacturer, wanted to create a space in the metaverse to support the launch of their state-of-the art new watch collection in an innovative and revolutionary way. With this new platform, they also wanted to create new touch points with their clients.

This ambition was part of a broader initiative, aimed at exploring a new immersive customer experience by blending both the digital and physical world and offering an innovative new marketing channel. The product that was launched, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis, has a QR code engraved inside the sapphire glass. Once captured through the application, the QR code gives access to the full Web 3.0. experience. From authenticating the ownership of the timepiece to enjoying exclusive digital assets.

Our Deloitte Digital team has brought the Moser Metaverse to life thanks to the following approach:

  • Select the right metaverse platform to host the brand space
  • Identify how to translate the brand attributes in the metaverse, which led to a modern Swiss chalet on top of a mountain. The typical landscape of the Swiss Alps, together with the famous Matterhorn and Rhein Waterfalls, served as the amazing surroundings visible from the chalet’s iconic viewpoint.  Surrounded by the typical landscape from the Swiss Alps, as well as the Rhein waterfalls (also an iconic viewpoint in front of the client’s manufacture). Sidenote: indeed, virtual spaces allow for some geographical reality tweaks.
  • Conceptualize how brand interactions should happen, how to allocate the areas of the chalet to its objectives in terms of client interactions, as well as press conferences
  • Design the building, its interior and its surrounding, in an iterative way, until we get the right atmosphere
  • Optimize the level of details, in order to get the best tradeoff between the quality of the assets and the fluidity of the experience

Once the chalet was ready, we went through many iterations of user testing to increase the user-friendliness of the space on computer, smartphone and VR-headsets.

You can visit the result, the Moser Lounge that hosted the press conferences and allows new visitors to discover the brand and its collections.

We also provided strategic guidance and support from the concept to the launch event, in close collaboration with our colleagues from Deloitte Switzerland who took care of the creation of a whole ecosystem of partners (Salesforce for the digital asset, Zurich insurance for the watch insurance, Aura Consortium blockchain Consortium for the proof of authenticity and CrossMint for the wallet).

  • Deloitte Digital used its “Digital Studio” approach to provide strategic, technological and user-centric support, followed by the development of the space in 3D and its delivery in the metaverse
  • This project is a real pioneer in building new immersive customer experience.
  • This project allows cost reduction and extra audience reach compared to physical events, while conveying the brand values in an immersive context and sustaining customer intimacy.

Have you ever been in the metaverse? Feel free to visit the Moser Lounge and let us know your feedback.