Shifting Perspectives: A Creative Director’s journey from an Agency to a creative consultancy firm

by | Feb 21, 2024

Today, I lay down my fascinating journey of transitioning from a creative agency to a creative consultancy firm.

Exploring the Transition: From Agency to Creative Consultancy

It’s always fun to talk about my transition from being an Art Director in a creative agency to a Big Four company with former colleagues. They playfully tease me about my shift, questioning whether I’ve bid farewell to Creative Suite and fully embraced PowerPoint. They even jest about my Mac’s transformation into an Excel-centric machine. But let’s uncover the real story.

As a matter of fact, I still actively engage with visual design tools and craft compelling scripts. I still orchestrate creative endeavours, scout for talented artists, negotiate with external suppliers, and guide designers with passion. I still have fun preparing engaging creative briefs, ensuring quality, connecting with clients, and continually experimenting. Essentially, I maintain the agency spirit within a more business-driven context, introducing fresh daily challenges that have profoundly influenced my groove.

Discovering My Creative Flow

The collaboration with business professionals and industry experts has revolutionized my creative process, introducing game-changing insights, diverse perspectives, and invaluable support. Previously, my inspiration mainly derived from the agency or client realm, confined to a select group of design, marketing, and communication experts. Now, in my current role, I connect with experts across various industries, injecting a new dimension of diversity into my creative process and elevating the content’s quality.

Realigning My Focus

It’s been a transformative experience to recognize that I’m no longer just selling art, design, or creativity. My focus has shifted to selling trust and tangible business impact. Building meaningful connections and shaping brand reputations have become paramount. The power of storytelling to evoke emotions remains, but it’s now underpinned by a solid, inclusive, future-oriented, and purpose-driven rationale. It’s a brand-new tune altogether.

Expanding My Skill Set

Passing the mic to others is a finely tuned skill I’ve acquired. I inspire and enhance interpersonal and team communication, relishing knowledge sharing and empowering others to unleash their creative potential. It’s not about doing the work for them but equipping them with the tools, connections, and a sense of purpose to let their creative spirits soar. These additional dimensions in my collaboration have made time management a genuine challenge, but I’m grooving my way through it.

Creative Leadership: A Unique Connection

Collaborating with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds, not limited to designers, artists, and strategists, has deepened my desire to engage with end-users. I delve into their needs, facilitating workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions with a broad audience. Building communities and co-creating masterpieces alongside colleagues and clients lie at the core of my role. Inspiring people relies on my ability to build and nurture relationships. At the end of the day, this is the key ingredient to my success as a Creative Director.

So, if you’re eager to learn more, or simply want to exchange viewpoints and experiences about your own journey in an agency or consultancy, reach out. I’m here, ready to connect and get the conversation grooving!

Mario Restrepo

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