Wealth manager embraced digital change

by | Aug 13, 2021

With our agile delivery model, we empower clients to dynamically improve their platforms based on continuous user feedback throughout the lifecycle of the service.

With Deloitte’s help and expertise, a global wealth manager embraced digital change to become a truly “omni-channel” service. Our extensive experience in digitising clients’ platforms and business models helped make this happen.

Digital transformation doesn’t just happen overnight. To achieve this, we needed to understand the landscape. First, we performed interviews to understand the full scope of the clients’ ambitions. Then we used insights from in-depth market research to prioritise the various digital initiatives they had in mind. Finally, we created a comprehensive roadmap to bring these ideas to life.

Building new services in our Digital Studio

A particular highlight of this client’s digital journey was a new investment platform for their advisory clients. We designed the value proposition, and were just as enthused as the client about this platform’s potential to drastically improve customer experience. The focus was on making customer experience as smooth, seamless and valuable as possible.

Our Digital Studio model kicks off with in-depth interviews and workshops. These help us quickly understand the context of the client, the services they provide, and their users’ needs. Next, we turn this input into a fully clickable prototype. Working together with various stakeholders, we then create successive prototypes of the platform, improving on the solution each time with insights from user tests.

Once we had a minimum viable product, we supported the client in their go-to-market. We helped them launch the first version of the platform to an initial 100 clients, before scaling up the solution for all clients. The work doesn’t stop there though. With our agile delivery model, we empower clients to dynamically improve their platforms based on continuous user feedback throughout the lifecycle of the service.

A new business model

Our added value went beyond imagining and delivering this innovative new platform, which enhanced customer experience and profitability, although these were important steps as this wealth manager embraced digital change. Thanks to Deloitte, this client now also has a robust and effective digital governance and delivery model in place, and we are confident they will continue their journey. Our agile methodologies ensure you stay ahead of the curve, with fewer growing pains and quicker transformation as you launch new digital initiatives.

As you can see, we don’t just help build and roll out innovative new platforms and services. We apply design thinking to all our work, helping clients digitise their whole business model around user-centric principles and a multi-stakeholder approach. Check out this story about a chemical manufacturer that chose us to start their digital journey.

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