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Better together – How the Digital Studio bridges the gap between Design, Business and Technology

Creating digital products and services is like an orchestra or band playing music together. Working together as a team whilst transforming ideas into solutions can be challenging but it is the key to bring this ambition to life.


A quick introduction to DevOps

Whether you just started learning about product delivery or have been around for a few years you will notice that some terms can be used every day without a clear understanding of their meaning. I have been guilty of this myself regarding the concept of DevOps.


What’s the difference between front-end & back-end?

If you’re getting started learning about Web Development and these new trendy terms confuse you, this article is for you!

Design system

How a frontend developer and a UI designer can work efficiently together in a Digital Studio

Translating the UI designs into an actual application is crucial to the success of a project in the Digital Studio. This requires efficient collaboration between UI designers and frontend developers, which can be done through a couple of tools.

Why we should all know how to write a good (user) story

When I first started my job, functional analysis was one of my pet peeves. I did it when I had to, but it was not the task I was the most looking forward to. Since then, I was put in a functional analyst position on a project, and it was one of the most insightful experiences of my career.